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New UV Eco Friendly Technology

Every Pilkington EZ-KOOL® windshield has the following features:

Exceptional performance and OE Quality for all makes & models
Enhanced sealing system, finished edging and roof line symmetry to prevent wind noise & leaks
Helps control the heat energy entering your vehicle, decreasing the need for air conditioning and improving fuel efficiency
Eco-friendly – Made with 15% recycled glass to help reduce the energy required in manufacturing Type

Blocks up to 3x more ultraviolet light passing into the vehicle
Lowers interior cabin temperature by up to 40% creating a more comfortable driving experience
A reduction of Infrared Heat Transmissions can also reduce skin irritation by up to 40%


Know your instincts, might be to look for a company that will get your windshield replaced as quickly and economic  as possible. When it comes to windshields, that’s simply not the right way to go and here’s why: a windshield is a very important component of a vehicle and a poor replacement job can put your life, as well as the lives of your passengers, in serious danger. 

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Aguila De Coatza ​Auto Glass 


13-Point Checklist To Replace Any Auto Glass

so you can be assured of a thorough job performed at the highest standards.
1.Completed vehicle inspection prior to installation
2.Used care to prevent damage and maintain vehicle cleanliness
3.Removed moldings, clips, windshield wipers, cowling, etc., as required
4.Used full cut out method, removing old adhesive to approximately 1/16" thickness as specified by the original equipment manufacturer (OEM)
5.Used proper high performance urethane adhesive to meet the specifications of your car's manufacturer and safe drive-away time requirements
6.Installed windshield that meets or exceeds the OEM  specifications of your car's manufacturer

7.Installed moldings, clips, windshield wipers, cowling, etc., replacing with new parts as necessary
8.Tested wipers to insure proper positioning
9.Tested all connections affected by the installation (washer hose, antenna, heating elements, etc.)
10.Vacuumed glass and debris from vehicle 
11.Performed final vehicle inspection, including cleaning of glass.
12.Reviewed safe drive-away time recommendation based on the type of urethane applied 
13.Reviewed warranty and care instructions
 El Aguila D' Coatza Auto Glass Repair

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